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ALK 327A Atlantic Causeway


ALK 327A Atlantic Causeway

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New 1/1250 scale waterline model of the British Ro/Ro container ship Atlantic Causeway converted to an aircraft transport for the Falklands War by Albatros (ALK 327A) as in 1982. Includes two captured Argentine Pucara aircraft being transported back to Great Britain as war prizes.

Atlantic Causeway and her sister, Atlantic Conveyor were built by Swan Hunter as part of Cunard's contribution to Atlantic Container Line, a European shipping consortium. Atlantic Causeway was completed in 1969. With the outbreak of the Falklands War in 1982, she was requisitioned to serve as transport and support ships.

The ship was converted to carry and operate helicopters. A hangar was fitting to her upper deck forward and a refueling system installed. She sailed with eight Sea Kings and twenty Wessex helicopters embarked. She arrived in the war zone two days after the Atlantic Conveyor had been hit and burnt out by an Exocet missile. During the conflict she received around 4,000 helicopter landings and refueled 500 aircraft.

Postwar the ship was laid up in Liverpool before being sold and sent for scrapping in Taiwan in 1986.


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