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AS 094 Polar Sea


AS 094 Polar Sea

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New 1/1250 scale waterline model of the American Coast Guard ice breaker Polar Sea WAGB-11 by Argos (AS 094) as in 2005.

Commissioned in 1977, the ship was built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company of Seattle along with her sister ship, Polar Star (WAGB-10). Her home port is Seattle, Washington.

Polar Sea has been out of service since 2010 due to complete failure of five of her six Alco main diesel engines. Examination of her engines indicated excessive engine wear, with engine pistons welded to their sleeves. A root cause analysis apparently traced the problem to improper installation of piston rings and/or installation of incorrect (chromed vs. plain) rings. In 2011 the Coast Guard slated Polar Sea for demolition in 2012, but the scrapping of the 35-year-old icebreaker was postponed by Congress. As of 25 February 2015 the laid up ship was still in limbo with no decision yet made about her fate.

Class and type: Polar-class icebreaker
  • 10,863 long tons (11,037t) (standard)
  • 13,623 long tons (13,842t) (full)
Length: 399ft (122m)
Beam: 83ft 6in (25.45m)
Draft: 31ft (9.4m)
Installed power:
  • Six Alco 16V-251F diesel engines(6@3,000hp)
  • Three Pratt & Whitney FT-4A12 gas turbines (3@25,000hp)
  • Combined diesel-electric or gas (CODLOG)
  • Three shafts; controllable-pitch propellers
  • 18 knots (33km/h; 21mph)
  • 3 knots (5.6km/h; 3.5mph) in 6-foot (1.8m) ice
  • 16,000 nautical miles (30,000km; 18,000mi) at 18 knots (33km/h; 21åÊmph)
  • 28,275 nautical miles (52,365km; 32,538mi) at 13 knots (24km/h; 15mph)
  • 15 officers
  • 127 enlisted
  • 33 scientists
  • 12-person helicopter detachment
Aircraft carried: 2 HH-65C Dolphin helicopters

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