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Figurehead 1/6000 British WW2 Batch (used)


Figurehead 1/6000 British WW2 Batch (used)

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Used 1/6000 scale wargaming kits by Figurehead of several British World War Two sets:

  • 2B21 Revenge class battleships x5 (one missing)
  • 2B22 Barham and Malaya battleships (one only)
  • 2B41 Argus, Eagle, Hermes, Ark Royal (missing Ark Royal)
  • 2B52 Kent x3 + Australia (only two included)
  • 2B54 Devonshire x3 + London (only three included)
  • 2B63 Danae x4 (only two included)
  • 2B83 River x4, Castle x4, PBY x1
  • 2B84 Algeine x4, Tawler x4, Sunderland x1
  • 2B70 A-I Class x9 (only 7 included)

In original bags, note several kits not complete as noted!

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