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HAI 922 Sibirskiy Strelok


HAI 922 Sibirskiy Strelok

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New 1/1250 scale model of the Russian destroyer Sibirskiy Strelok by Hai (HAI 922) as in 1906.

One of four Okhotnik class destroyers originally classified as 'torpedo cruisers' until 1907. Actively participated in World War I in the Baltic Sea and the Russian Civil War on that country's lakes.

Sibirskiy Strelok reclassified as a test ship in 1921, renamed the Konstruktor in 1926, a corvette (patrol ship) in 1941, combat service on Lake Ladoga in 1941–1944 during World War II, sunk by Finnish aircraft in 1941 (200 men lost: crew and evacuees), raised and repaired as a gunboat in 1943, test ship 1945, BU in 1957.

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