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RHE 186 Grimaldi Line RoRo


RHE 186 Grimaldi Line RoRo

$ 169.00

New 1/1250 scale model one of the five Grimaldi Line RoRo ships built from 2002-2004 by Fincantieri in Italy.

This model available by advanced order only!

Available will be-

  • RHE 186A Grande Amburgo 2002
  • RHE 186B Grande Buenos Aires 2004
  • RHE 186C Grande Francia 2002
  • RHE 186D Grande Nigeria 2003
  • RHE 186E Grande San Paolo 2003

All these are identical save for the name decals.

Each can be ordered in two variations-

  • "Normal" condition with no deck load
  • With 3 part deck load set which contains
    • Container block for the fore deck
    • Second hand car park for rear upper deck
    • 5 tank car 20' container block

Finally you can order with two stern ramps, one open and one closed. Neither will be glued to the model allowing you to configure the model in an "in port" condition.

Normal version is $169.00 and the two ramp version (Option ED) is $175.00.

Deck load (Option Z) adds $44.00.

Thus a copy of RHE 186C Grande Francia with the two ramps plus load as pictured would be $219.00.

Model also available with 2020 addition of pollution control funnel. Prices the same, part numbers will be the same with "sc" added at the end.

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