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SN 0-08 Alexandra

Spider Navy

SN 0-08 Alexandra

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New 1/1250 scale waterline model of the British central battery ironclad battleship Alexandra by Spider Navy (SN 0-08) as originally built in 1877.

Last of the British central battery ships and last British battleship to carry her armament wholly below deck. As completed she was equipped with two 11 inch muzzle loading rifles, ten 10 inch rifled muzzle loaders, six 13-cwt breach loaders and four torpedo carriages.

She was the first British warship powered by vertical compound engines, capable of 15 knots. 9,490 tons displacement, 325 feet long, 63 feet 8 inches beam. Crew of 674.

Comissioned 2 January 1877 as flagship, Mediterranean Fleet, and held this position continuously until 1889. Present at the bombardment of Alexandria in 1882. Paid off in 1889 for modernisation.

In 1891, she was flagship of the Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves at Portsmouth, and remained so until 1901. Her last sea-time was as flagship of the "B" fleet in the manoeuvres of 1900. In 1903 she became a mechanical training ship, and she was sold in 1908.

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