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SN 0-12 Sumatra

Spider Navy

SN 0-12 Sumatra

$ 49.00

New 1/1250 scale model of the Norddeutscher Lloyd passenger steamer Sumatra as in 1889 by Spider Navy (SN 0-12).

Built to run between Penang and Sumatra. Later transferred to German controlled Rabaul and service through the German colonies in that region.

At the outbreak of war in 1914 Sumatra tried to escape Rabaul for neutral Timor but was intercepted by the Australian cruiser Melbourne and captured. In British service until June 26, 1923 when she sank in a storm off Port Macquarie, Australia.

584 BRT, 52.25 meters long, 8.43 meters width, 28 passengers, 21 crew. Maximum speed 10 knots.

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