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TA 10155 Maumee (used)


TA 10155 Maumee (used)

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Used 1/1250 scale model of the American fleet oiler Maumee  T-AO-149 by Trident (TA 10155) as in 1963.

Lead ship of the Maumee class (Maumee, Potomac, Shoshone, Yukon). First ships built specifically to operate in noncommissioned status by the Military Transportation Service, later Military Sealift command, using civilian contract crews. Designated USNS instead of USS. USNS Maumee was the first ever USNS ship.

In service 17 December 1956 until probably mid-1980s. Not an underway replenishment ship- carried bulk fuel to US bases overseas. Sold for scrapping 9 November 2006.

Displacement: 7,814 tons light, 32,950 tons full load Dimensions: Length- 614 ft 6 in, Beam - 83 ft 6 in, Draft- 32 ft maximum Propulsion: single shaft steam turbine 18.9 knots Capacity: 190,000 barrels Crew:  44 to 52 Armament:  none

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