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TF 08A USS Richmond K. Turner DLG-20 1964

1250 Models

TF 08A USS Richmond K. Turner DLG-20 1964

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New 1/1250 scale model of the US Navy Leahy class destroyer leader USS Richmond K. Turner DLG-20 by 1250 Models (TF 08A) as in 1964. The model depicts the ship as completed with only a pair of AN/SPG-55 missile directors. She remained in this configuration until her first major overhaul which began in May 1971.

This model can also represent any of the other three Leahy class ships equipped with the only a pair of AN/SPG-55 missile directors (USS Wooden DLG-18, USS Halsey DLG-23, USS Reeves DLG-24) prior to the first major update in the early 1970s. Please contact us for details on these alternative versions.

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