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Welcome to the World of Miniature Ships has been in business of providing miniature ship models to happy customers for 15 years. We are a family business, run out of our home in Southern California. The models are handcrafted by master model makers from around the world. They are accurate historical reproductions produced in very limited quantities, perfect for discerning collectors.


The typical ship collector has a common story. You have had a fascination with history and models since your youth. You probably built models and the stacks of history and reference books grew with you. But the world was changing and the stores with the models were closing. The few models available were mass produced and the selection was limited. Kits were still available, but you are not a kid any more and you no longer have the time to put them together.

The ships of the Battle of River Plate by Neptun

My story is similar. A chance discovery on Ebay led me to the most detailed miniatures I had ever seen. I became a collector. As I made connections and learned about the history of these models, my business was born.  

My background in web production helped me to create a website with quality photos to showcase these beautiful models. grew to become a dealer with more than 20 producers in the 1/1250 and 1/1200 scales as well as offering rare collectable models from dozens of now defunct companies. Our customers can search and browse the models, place their orders using a credit card or Paypal and a few days later have the model delivered to their address.

"I should have discovered your web site earlier; your prices are better and you seemingly obtain new models quicker than the competition." customer

Great Models are About the Details

Here at we specialize in models in the two great international scales of 1/1200 and 1/1250. These scales mean that either 100 feet or 104 feet on the real ship equals 1 inch on the model. An entire fleet can be displayed on a single shelf.


1/1250 scale model of the American missile cruiser Little Rock by Spider Navy


Most of the models we stock are in the more popular European 1/1250 scale. They are almost all produced as waterline models showing the ships as they would appear in the water. The producers choose to cast the models from flexible rubber molds using soft metal alloys. These methods allow for the extraordinary level of detail present on the models. All the production and finishing work is done the old fashioned way- by hand. The models arrive complete and painted, you just have to carefully unpack and enjoy them.

Neptun models being painted (photo courtesy Navis-Neptun)

The array of models that have been produced is vast. Over 50,000 different models have been produced. They are true hand made collectables and almost all of them are produced in limited quantities. These are not mass market, made by the millions in China products. When you buy a 1/1250 scale model ship you have a work of art produced by a dedicated craftsman.

"I have had many hobbies over the years, and 1250 ship collecting has been the most rewarding." customer


1/1250 scale civilian ships by Risawoleska

Our Promise

I am a collector as well as a business. I love these models and the people who devote their lives to making them. I work to give my customers the best selection at the best prices. You can count on to:

  • Always show detailed photographs of each model. If you can't see it, you shouldn't be buying it.
  • Ship your order promptly and safely. Our 15 years in the business ensures we know how to get these fragile models to you safely. If a model arrives damaged we will replace it or refund your model.
  • Guarantee your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with a model send it back for a full refund.
  • Promptly answer your questions. Looking for a particular model? Send us an email and we will be happy to help. 

"As far as I am concerned, your site is the only game in town. Sure there are a few one offs that can be found elsewhere. However, nothing beats having the convenience of an excellent site such as yours, with great service and selection. Hopefully you will keep myself and others smiling for a long time into the future." customer

Ready to Start?

You can begin Shopping our Catalog. We have divided our holdings by manufacturer. You can also use the search function at the upper left of any page to look for a particular ship or type of ship. For example, searching for battlecruisers will show you all our holdings for that type of ship.

Welcome to the World of Miniature Ships!

Chris Daley, Owner,