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Here are some common questions we get from customers.

How big are the models?

The vast majority of the models listed are either 1/1200 or 1/1250 scale. These are the two great sister scales for miniature ships. 1/1200 tend to be produced in the UK and USA, while 1/1250 is the continental European equivilant. For a 1/1200 scale model 1 inch on the model represents 100 feet on the actually ship. For 1/1250 is is approximately 1 inch to 104 feet.









Our model CA 06 Eureka, a San Francisco ferry preserved as a museum ship, with a penny for scale. The real ship is just under 300 feet in length

What are the models made of? Are they lead?

Most models are made from a metal alloy. A few are cast from a resin material. Lead models will be limited to those produced as wartime recognition models or early commercial releases in the 1950s.

The shift from lead was made both for safety reasons and because the modern metal alloys allow casting of fine details that would be impossible with lead.

Are the models safe for kids?

Due to their size and fragile nature we do not recommend these models for kids under 14. For the most part modern models are intended only for viewing, not for handling. The older models such as Comet Authenticast, Superior and Wiking are more suitable for handling. Most mdels by Hansa and Delphin are also fairly sturdy. Most of these are out of production but we typically have second hand examples in stock.

The other exception are Triang 1/1200 scale models which were specifically designed as children's toys. The modern issues are labeled as suitable for ages 8 and up.

Modern production Triang model of USS Spruance

Yesterday you had a model listed, today it is missing. Can I still get it?

Only a small percentage of the models produced in these scales are still in production. In some cases production runs are limited and once stock has sold out no more models are available from the manufacturer.

We also offer many second hand models purchased from collectors and estates. That means many of the models you see on the site are available only as single copies. Once they are sold they are gone. It is possible we will get similar models in stock in the future. We recommend signing up for our email newsletter to get updates on when new items are added to the site.

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I have some models I'd like to sell, how do I contact you and what do I need to send you for a quote?

We do buy collections, with a preference for larger collections. If you are looking to sell just a handful of models it is typically better to sell them yourself on Ebay. But if you are looking to sell hundreds or thousands of models we would love to hear from you. We are happy to travel to handle packing the safe transport of the models.

Our email address is To create an accurate offer we will need to have a listing of models available or photographs of the collection. Please contact us and we can discuss the best way to handle your specific situation.