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2023's Best Sellers

Best Sellers

In 201720182019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 we reported on the best selling models for the year. Last year I had big discounts on the DeAgostini models so they ended up dominating the top 10. When those were dropped out Albatros was on top thanks to their US Navy series.

This year? Read on to see....

#11 ALK 515 Hainan


Because of the three way tie at #8 I pushed out to the 11th place to start. That went to the very nice Albatros model of a Chinese amphibious ship. These quickly sold out, I got a second batch and they quickly sold out again.

#8 Tie ALK 706B Stockdale


The first of three models tied at the 8-10 places is the Albatros US Navy Burke Flight IIA class destroyer Stockdale.

#8 Tie DAKS 68 Arizona


This the only model that was also on the list last year. They are still in stock so it might be on the list again next year though I only have about 10 copies still on the shelf.

#8 Tie ATL 7572-005 RMS Lusitania

The final part of the three way tie was the Atlas Lusitania. Most of these went to non-collectors. Very few of them left in stock and I'm positive they will sell out for me in 2024. This was also in a six way tie for the #9 spot on the 2019 sales list.

#6 Tie ALK 711A USCGC Chase WMSM-916


Another tie at the 6/7 positions. First up is the first of the Albatros US Coast Guard series to appear. Still have some of these in stock in case you missed out on it.

#6 Tie ATL 7572-007 SS United States


Second part of the tie was the Atlas United States. As with the Lusitania very few of these are left on the shelf. 

#5 ATL 7572-002 RMS Queen Mary


Coming in at fifth place is the highest ranking of the inexpensive models, the Atlas Queen Mary. I'm down to a single example left in stock so this is not hitting the top sales list in 2024.

#4 ALK 713 Liberty WPB-1334


Placing fourth was the Albatros model of the US Coast Guard's Liberty. It wins the award for the smallest model in the top 10. Also still have a few of these still in stock.

#3   ALK 710  Stone WMSL 758


Third is, yep, more US Coast Guard from Albatros. This one is completely sold out though.

#2 ALK 711 Argus WMSM-915


Placing second is the sister to the #6 Chase. If you put the two of them together it would have put Albatros on the top. This one is also sold out.

#1 TF 08B Leahy Class 1975


Our model of the 1975 version of the Leahy class topped the charts in 2023. Here I'm counting all the versions- the only difference was the hull number. If you just looked at individual hull number CG-16 USS Leahy would be the only version making the list at #6. I have copies of CG-16 in stock and will get one of each of the other hull numbers in 2024 but that will be the end of the run for the 1975 version.


Other Thoughts

As is often the case if I included aircraft sets then my top selling product for the year would be:

ALKZ 24 F-35C Lightning II Set by Albatros


And you'd have several other aircraft sets replacing ships in the top 10.
This year there were over 400 individual models that sold 2 or more copies. The hobby is quite broad. Many, many more sold 1 copy.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of!



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