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2022's Best Sellers

Best Sellers

In 201720182019, 2020 and 2021 we reported on the best selling models for the year. Last year featured a mix of Saratoga and Albatros models plus a couple of inexpensive models from Atlas and DeAgostini.

For 2022 I had clearance prices on all the DeAgostini models. As a result 70% of the top 10 models would be DeAgostini releases. In fact they would competely dominate the top 50. So you'll get two lists. The first will be the top 10 with DeAgostini and Atlas included. The second will be only the German produced 1/1250s.

Top 10 with DeAgostini and Atlas:

#10. ALK 705 Prince of Wales by Albatros

ALK 318A Prince of Wales

We got one batch of these in and all were sold as pre-orders. Never even got one opened for a photo.

#8. Tie DAKS 08 Illustrious by DeAgostini

DAKS 08 Illustrious

One of the few carrier models by DeAgostini in a tie at #8 on the list.

#8. Tie DAKS 01 Bismarck by DeAgostini

The first of the "Usual Suspects" models. This one has now sold out.

#6. Tie ATL 7572-001 Titanic by Atlas

A constant presences on the best seller list this might be the final appearance because no one seems to have stock anymore.

#6. Tie DAKS 04 Yamato by DeAgostini

DAKS 04 Yamato

Another one of the "Usual Suspects" the Yamato is running low and will almost certainly be in the out of stock category by mid-year.

#5. DAKS 65 Richelieu by DeAgostini

DAKS 65 Richelieu

On the list for the third year running I think it does well because there was never an Atlas version of the ship so it first into collections quite well.

#4. DAKS 68 Arizona by DeAgostini

DAKS 68 Arizona

Famous US Navy ship tends to equal sales. Mark it down and it is on the best seller list.

#2. Tie ALK 707 Gerald Ford by Albatros

ALK 707 Gerald R. Ford CVN-78

The only other German made model in the overall top 10. All of the top three were very close and this could very easily have been the top model for the year. A really strong showing by Albatros.

#2. Tie DAKS 58 SMS Emden by DeAgostini

DAKS 58 SMS Emden

I know, you are surprised to see this one here. And it got this high because one customer bought a lot of them. Why they needed that many I don't know but without that large order this wouldn't have made the top 10.

#1. DAKS 06 Essex/Yorktown by DeAgostini

The top seller of the year is yet another DeAgostini. This the model that says "Essex" on the stand but features deck number 10 meaning it is really Yorktown. As with 2019 when this showed up on the best seller list that did not prevent people from snapping them up in large numbers. So many sold that I'm now out of stock on the model.


Top 10 List with just German Models

#9. Tie SN 2-04A Long Island by Spider Navy

SN 2-04A Long Island CVE-1 1944

I received two shipments from Spider Navy early in the year and this model made up the bulk of the shipment. All were sold in just a few days. It would have been higher on the list if I could have gotten more stock.

#9. Tie SOM USNS Blue Jacket by Solent

SOM 24 USNS Blue Jacket

Yes, Solent is not produced solely in Germany but the are cast there so they are on the list. Another great model by Solent.

#9. Tie ALK 701A Germantown by Albatros

ALK 701A Germantown LSD-42

Final model in the three way tie for #9 is one of the LSD models by Albatros.

#7. Tie AS 092 Hamilton by Argos

AS 092 Hamilton

One of two re-issue models appearing on this list. Both of them from Argos.

#7. Tie SN 1-04 Utah by Argos

SN 1-04 USS Utah BB-31

The second Spider Navy model on the list. Remarkable because I received so little stock from them in 2022. Still fortunate to have a few of these still on the shelf.

#4. Tie AS 075 Kitty Hawk by Argos


AS 075 Kitty Hawk

The second re-issue on the list.

#4. Tie ALK 708 Fort Lauderdale by Albatros

ALK 708 Fort Lauderdale LPD-28

The Albatros version of a modified San Antonio class is part of the three way tie for 4th.

#4. Tie ALK 706 Lenah H. Sutcliffe by Albatros

ALK 706 Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee DDG-123

I wasn't sure how the Albatros Flight IIA Burkes would do but the first was a sellout and made the list tied at #4.

#3. ALK 704 Harpers Ferry by Albatros

ALK 704 Harpers Ferry LSD-49

The first issued LSD model from Albatros sold very well and was just short of being on the full top 10 list.

#2. ALK 705 Prince of Wales by Albatros

ALK 318A Prince of Wales

Second place on the German list was only good for #10 on the overall list.

#1. ALK 707 Gerald Ford by Albatros

ALK 707 Gerald R. Ford CVN-78

Given the topping of this chart and almost topping the overall charts I'd have to say that Gerald Ford is the most important new release model of the year for me.


Other Thoughts

I have excluded aircraft sets from the lists. My top selling product for the year was:

ALKZ 22 Osprey Set by Albatros

ALKZ 22 Osprey

This like 2020 and 2021 has been an usual year. There are fewer and fewer new models appearing. It isn't surprising to see Albatros own the German model list as they were one of the few producers who were turning out models in reliable quantities. Their sudden shift to modern US Navy subjects also clearly made a huge difference.

This year we had over 700 individual models that sold at least two copies. Hundreds of others sold at least one copy. The hobby is a broad one.

Much of our sales volume in 2022 was made up of used models and the exquisite hand made models of John Youngerman.

As in the past our best selling line by total items sold continues to be Navis-Neptun. This is due to both the depth of their lineup and the popular time periods covered. This is impressive considering they are now only rarely issuing new models and just producing their existing lineup. They don't make the top 10 but are still one of the pillars of the market.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of!

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