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2018's Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Last year we reported our best selling ship models of 2017. And while last year was all about warships we have a slightly different set of models on the top of the 2018 charts.

As with 2017 we limited this to ship models and the results only reflect what we sold here at

OK, here are the top five sellers for 2018:

#5. American nuclear powered submarine Charlotte with ASDS by Argos

The first of two new US Navy submarine releases for 2018 by Argos. We sold out of our initial order and won't get more until 2019 or it might have placed even higher on the chart.


#4. RMS Queen Mary by Atlas

One of the bargain priced full hull liner models by Atlas. The battle for 4th and 5th was close. Queen Mary beat Charlotte by a single unit. Traditionally the inexpensive Atlas models have done well but having them on the top 5 this year is a sign of renewed growth in the collector base.


#3. American nuclear powered submarine Pasadena by Argos

The second new submarine release from Argos. As with Charlotte we sold out our initial batch or it would have probably been even higher on the list.

It should be noted that the Argos release of Avenger class minesweepers (AS 048 part numbers) which was split over three different models would have come in at number 3 if we counted the total sales of all three versions.


#2. US Coast Guard Marine Protector class by Rhenania Junior

Despite only being available for the last three months of 2018 this model has been a sales powerhouse. Reminds me that I should ask Matti Bröcher of Rhenania Junior to run his other US Coast Guard models again....


#1. RMS Titanic by Atlas

Proving once again the power of the Titanic in popular culture the top selling model of 2018 was the ill-fated liner. Not only was this the best selling item of any type here at it outsold the #2 USCG Rhenania Junior model by a ratio of two to one. 


Further Thoughts 

As with last year we limited this list to ships. If we had not just like last year a Neptun aircraft model (NF 12B G4M1 Betty) and the Triang Quay Straights set would have been in the top five. I don't expect to see that happen in 2019 if only because I'm now sold out of the Triang set and there is very little chance I will ever get more of them.

There were five different models all tied for 6th place this year which would then round out the top 10:

In 2017 all five of the best sellers were $59 or more in price and the top seller was over $100. In 2018 the most expensive model in the top five is only $24.95. In fact you have to go down to the 14th spot on the chart to find a model that cost more than $24.95 and that was the Spider Navy HMS Eagle 1954 release. If the supply of that model had not be so hard to get over the course of the year I think it would have easily got into the top five.

Last year there were no civilian ships in the top 50 models sold. This year we have multiple examples though all of them are from the bargain Atlas series of full hull liners. These are fantastic entry level models for new collectors and a big help in attracting the next generation of collectors. As long as I have the stock on hand I would not be surprised to see the Atlas Titanic top the sales charts again in 2019.

In 2017 all five of the top sellers were US Navy vessels. This year if we include the USCG release three out of five are US Navy. If Argos produces the promised Ticonderoga class models in 2019 plus we receive a few other US Navy releases I expect we should see a lot of US Navy on the charts in 2019.

Thanks for your support this year! It has been a great year for and we wish you a fantastic 2019.

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