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DeAgostini Warships

We have received our stock of the DeAgostini Kreigschiffe series of 1/1250 models. DeAgostini is the producer behind the Atlas series of models and many of these are variations on the original Atlas molds. Others are completely new such as German First World War battleships and battlecruisers, German World War Two merchant raiders like Atlantis and post-war German warships. Heavy emphasis on German ships as you would expect from a series offered in the German market.

We have received 38 different models though some are in limited quantities. Models are all stand mounted. The stand and upper sections of the models are plastic and the lower hulls are cast metal.

These come in a plastic blister with cardboard backing. The original German language booklets are not included. We do have some of the booklets so if you are interested in those let us know.

All are value priced at only $19.95, probably the biggest bargain in 1/1250 scale.

A few examples- for more visit the DeAgostini catalog page:

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