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2021's Best Sellers

Best Sellers

In 201720182019 and 2020 we reported on the best selling models for the year. Last year featured a mix of inexpensive DeAgostini models and American ships by Saratoga, Rhenania Junior and California Models.

What sold in 2021? Here is the overall top 10 list:

#10 American Amphibious Ship Whidbey Island by Albatros

One of the big surprises of 2021 was Albatros starting to release modern US Navy ships. Whidbey Island was the second release toward the end of the year and initial stock quickly sold out which kept it from placing even higher on the list. More stock to come for those that missed her but we have her sister Germantown in stock.

#9 French Battleship Richelieu by DeAgostini

Last year Richelieu came in tied for #9 spot and that is exactly where it is this year as well. I believe this one continues to sell well as it was a DeAgostini release that was not a repeat from the Atlas series. This is also the only DeAgostini model on the list in 2021.

#8 American S Class Submarine by Saratoga Model Shipyard

An older Saratoga release that has now sold out, this one placed high because I had at least two collectors buy multiple copies this year. Remember most Saratoga models are now out of production and once stock runs out I won't be able to get them. If you want it buy it now or like this submarine you'll miss your chance.

#7 American Gunboat Sacramento by Saratoga Model Shipyard

The first new for 2021 Saratoga on the list. She would have placed even higher but there was a very small batch issued in all grey as SMY 74 and the split sales pushed her down the list. Combine she would have been tied for 3rd place on the list.

#6 American Assault Ship America by Albatros

First of the USN releases by Albatros. Much like Whidbey Island we could have sold more of them, running out of stock on more than once occasion. As of right now we are out but we have sister Tripoli in stock. With more US Navy planned for 2022 I think we will see more Albatros in the top 10 next year.

#5 American Gunboat Elcano by Saratoga Model Shipyard

Another buff and white beauty from Saratoga. Sales probably held back by being a somewhat obscure subject that did not survive to serve in World War Two.

#4 American Minelayer Miantonomah by Saratoga Model Shipyard

Next up is the workman like minelayer Miantonomah. New release, American ship, wartime- three big factors toward high sales.


#3 American Destroyer Tender Denebola by Saratoga Model Shipyard

Yet another Saratoga release continuing the series of American naval support ships.

#2 American Coast Guard Cutter North Star by Saratoga Model Shipyard

Top Saratoga model for 2021. US Coast Guard always sell well and this wartime example was a clear winner as the top selling German produced model.

#1 British White Star Liner Titanic by Atlas

You can thank Ebay for this one. After I listed the Atlas liners for sale on Ebay in November 2021 my entire stock of Titanic models were sold by mid-December. I think almost all of these went to non-collectors which is great news for the hobby. A number of these customers ultimately purchased additional Atlas liners. This kind of product can be a great way to expand the collector base. 

This same model was also our top seller in 2018.


Additional Thoughts


Like 2020 this was a very non-normal year. What sold is always driven by what is available and supply continues to be bumpy.

As we are now the only Saratoga retailer in the United States their models are always going to do very well on the list. They netted 6 out of 10 spots and have a lock on the top 5 save for the top spot.

In general to get on the list a model has to either be a new release with wide appeal or a re-issue that hasn't been on the market for many years. It also helps to be an American ship with a military background.

Last year 50% of the top ten were $19.95 models by DeAgostini. This year we only have one of those and the Atlas Titanic. The supplies of inexpensive models seem to be drying up so unless a new series appears the days of cheap models seems to be over.

As in the past our best selling line by total items sold continues to be Navis-Neptun. This is due to both the depth of their lineup and the popular time periods covered. This is impressive considering they are now only rarely issuing new models and just producing their existing lineup. They don't make the top 10 but are still one of the pillars of the market.

This year we had over 900 individual models that sold at least two copies. Hundreds of others sold at least one copy. The hobby is a broad one.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of!

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