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Guide to Miniature Ship Collecting

The world of miniature ships can be quite confusing to a new collector. There are over the last 70 years over 50,000 different models have been issued by dozens of producers.  Indeed entire books have been written on the subject.

Fortunately getting started doesn't require knowing everything because most ship collectors focus on collecting in one of their areas of interest. 

The first big division is whether you are searching for warships or civilian ships. 

Warships are a very popular answer with approximately 80% of our customers actively collecting them. Of course the famous ships of the two great naval wars of the 20th Century are well represented but you can track the evolution of the armored ships of the 19th Century along with the ships of the Cold War and modern eras.

Civilian ships encompass a vast array of craft. Everything from the great liners to massive super tankers to tiny tug boats have been modeled. 

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