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NE 1203B Hyuga 1942


NE 1203B Hyuga 1942

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New 1/1250 scale waterline model of the Japanese battleship Hyuga at the time of the Midway/Aleutians operation by Neptun (NE 1203B).

In May 1942 while conducting gunnery practice Hyuga's left gun breech in the number 5 turret exploded. Fifty-one crew members were killed and the two after magazines had to be rapidly flooded to save the ship. As the ship was scheduled to sail at the end of May as part of the covering force for the Aleutian portion of the Midway operation there was no time to repair the turret. Instead the turret was removed, a circular sheet of steel was welded over the barbette and four 25mm triple AA mounts were fitted. This allowed her to sail with the rest of BatDiv2 on May 29, 1942.

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