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Coming Soon From Albatros

The next set of Albatros models concentrates on the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. It also includes the perfect complement to the upcoming ALK 327 Atlantic Conveyor model, a full deck set of aircraft.

--ALK Z 19 Aircraft Set for Atlantic Conveyor

This set will contain 8 Sea Harriers in grey, 6 camouflaged Harriers, 2 Chinooks and 1 Wessex cocooned, 1 Wessex and 1 mobile deck crane.



--ALK 453A Shimokita Japanese LST as in 2002

--ALK 453B Kunisaki Japanese LST as in 2003

Both of these ships of from the Oosumi class. Oosumi is already available and in stock. And we have brand new photos of the model- check them out if you want to see what the new releases will look like.


--ALK 457 Shiretoko Japan Coast Guard patrol ship as in 2011


--ALK 459 Hayabusa and Wakataka Japanese guided missile patrol boats as in 2004

--ALK 459A Otaka and Kumataka Japanese guided missile patrol boats as in 2004

--ALK 459B Umithaka and Shirataka Japanese guided missile patrol boats as in 2004

All of these are members of the Hayabusa class. We expect all of the ALK 459 sets to be identical just with different hull numbers.


--ALF 15 Lubeck German fishing trawler 1961


Per usual Albatros practice these will arrive in May or early June.

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