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Hai US Navy Re-Stocks

We were out of stock of many of the US Navy releases by Hai, so we have brought in the following (here now and ready to ship):

  • HAI 065 Farragut US Navy destroyer
  • HAI 066 Truxtun US Navy destroyer
  • HAI 067 Lawrence US Navy destroyer
  • HAI 178 Sable US Navy training carrier
  • HAI 179 Wolverine US Navy training carrier
  • HAI 198 AB-1 US Navy crane ship
  • HAI 312 Monterey US Navy monitor
  • HAI 409 Charleston US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 426 San Francisco US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 430 Chicago US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 484 Atlanta US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 485 Concord US Navy gunboat
  • HAI 512 Albany US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 523 Philadelphia US Navy cruiser
  • HAI 543 Midway US Navy aircraft carrier

See them all our Hai catalog section. Quantities are limited so some of these will sell out quickly. If you don't see something in the section that is listed above it is because we sold it already.

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