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Back in Production by Argos- ASR 02 Baku

Back in production from Argos is the final Kiev class carrier Baku. The model depicts the ship in 1988 as original built. We will have it back in stock in September.

Laid down in 1978 and launched in 1982, the ship was not commissioned until December 1987 due to software and electronics problems. Renamed Admiral Gorshkov after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Suffered boiler room explosion in 1994, returned to service 1995 but decommissioned and offered for sale in 1996. Sold to India 2004 and underwent a long and troubled modified to straight deck configuration. In service with the Indian Navy November 16, 2013 as Vikramaditya.

Baku was the fourth Project 1143 Kiev class carriers, but was a modified ship used to try out many systems intended for the carrier Admiral Kutznetzov. Major changes were the additional of the Mars-Passat phased array radar above the bridge, change to SA-N-9 Gauntlet VLS launchers for air defense, increase by two to six twin SS-N-12 Sandbox surface to surface missiles, change to 100mm guns, and the removal of the SUW-N-1 launcher.

The embarked air wing was the same as the other Kiev class ships- 12 Yak-38 Forger VTOL fighters, 12 Ka-27 Helix-A ASW helicopters and a pair of Ka-31 Helix AEW helicopters. Baku also was the trials ship for the Yak-41 Freestyle supersonic VTOL fighter.

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