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Arriving Soon From Eaglemoss

Up next in the 1/1100 Eaglemoss series will be:

  • EMGC73 USS West Virginia American battleship 1941
  • EMGC75 Haguro Japanese heavy cruiser 1944
  • EMGC78 Oyodo Japanese light cruiser 1944
  • EMGC80 Shoho Japanese carrier 1942

Both Oyodo and Shoho will come with only the plastic clam shell packaging, no box or magazine included. As a result they are a few dollars cheaper.

I think the color balance is off a bit on the West Virginia full image supplied by the manufacturer. The detailed shots are not as neon-blue and probably more representative of the color of the actual model.

Also the news is that the promised re-stock of other Eaglemoss models which was scheduled for November has been pushed back to January 2018. In the meantime we will re-stock anything the distributor has on hand that we are out of. These models are expect here sometime next week.

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