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New Shipping Costs- They Are (mostly) Dropping!

Starting immediately you will see lower shipping costs almost across the board. Wonder how? Read on....

We recently got some good news- 1250Ships was approved for a lower cost shipping plan. There was only one catch. It required the use of calculated rates and that meant having to input correct product weights and dimensions for every item in our catalog. We have over 4,000 different items so that was a lot of weighing and measuring.

After several weeks of work and testing we are happy to report that we have just turned on our new shipping cost calculator. We have scrapped our previous cost based system and the price you pay for shipping is based solely on the size and weight of the models (plus the outer box and fill materials).

When you check out you will be given a choice of shipping services from the US Postal Service. These can include First Class, Priority and Priority Express. Not every service level may be available based on your location and package size/weight.

Based on our testing we expect the vast majority of shipments to be several dollars cheaper than our previous system. We see even bigger savings on international orders. There will be some circumstances where the shipping cost increased over the old system when the models are very heavy or bulky.

In addition to taking advantage of the reduced rates you can save money if you are ordering a lot of smaller items. In the US if you keep the weight under 1 pound you can qualify for the very affordable First Class service. It is a typically a day or two slower than Priority Mail but often about half the price. This means you can stock on planes and not pay through the nose for shipping.

The new system is in place now. We have tested it but please let us know if you run into anything odd.

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